Beginning with June 2009 issue, Salottobuono is co-editing the section "Research" in the Italian architecture and design review "Abitare".
Through graphic analysis, the most innovative projects and techniques developed by Italian companies are broken into their basic elements, to help readers reach a deeper understanding.

This is the complete list of the "Research" we drew to date.

Abitare 496 (09/2009):

Abitare 495 (08/2009)

    ›La stanza dello scirocco (Alessi)
    ›36e8/Kaizen (Lago)

Abitare 494 (07/2009):

    › Antonio Lupi (LucePlan)
    › Flap (Foscarini)
    › Marine Lanterns (Venini)

Abitare 493 (06/2009):

    › Hope (LucePlan)
    › Flap (Foscarini)
    › Marine Lanterns (Venini)