Annapaola Busnardo, Ludovico Centis, Marco Ferrari, Matteo Ghidoni, Fabio Gigone, Laura Pante, Andrea Petrecca, Giovanni Piovene, Mette Ravnkilde Nielsen

Enter n VARIATIONS mini-site

Kicking the edge
Recipe in 10 points for border crossing

1 Choose a group of intimate friends. They must be young and strong, with a reduced necessity to sleep.

2 Walk together with them for an entire day, till your feet are hurting, till you encounter barriers, fences or natural borders on your path.

3 Look around, explore and cover those spaces that seem more hostile, looking for evidences that reveal the hidden potential of the location.

4 Collect the objects that attract you more and transform them into the protagonists of your imagination. Prefer red chairs if available.

5 Arrange, each day, a short visionary storyboard that tells about variations on programmatic possibility. Imagine micro-stories that, playing on the edge between what is actual and what is potential on the site, produce a merge of those two dimensions.

6 Film one video clip for each story you imagine. Push the most unusual activities, instead of getting locked in the stereotypical, then discuss with the group the proper sound for each scene. Be careful: this can be the hardest part of the process.

7 Design micro-devices related to the questions raised up by the videos. Try to design one of them for each clip, maybe assigning this task to every component of your team. One of the devices should be a recipe like this.

8 Propose a branding strategy for the places affected by the border disease, that aims to fight the simple exploitation of their resources and their subtraction from the city. In the desperate search for an identity, almost every place on earth is trying to explore its possibilities as tourist destination.

9 Apply the brand to the entire operation and transform it into an advertising campaign that, making the area known and visible to a larger population of locals, promotes the natural and artificial qualities of the place you are dealing with.

10 Well, honestly, these are not ten points but nine. If you really think it is necessary, write the tenth in the space below.

Enter n VARIATIONS mini-site