Valuable resources for the inhabitants of Tripoli.
In september 2007 we were invited to develop a system of urban parks for Tripoli. The city presents a fragmentation of the green areas and a lack of street patterns with urban characteristics, in this way increasing congestion by the excessive use of car transportation.
The areas involved in the project offer a fervid cultural and social life, due to the proximity of universities, galleries, cultural resources. For each proposal we were asked to imagine new and challenging programs.
Three large green plots were taken into consideration: Al Nasr and
Sedh Al Masrh are situated in a dense urbanized area, within walking distance from the historical centre, while Tajura is located on the outskirts of the city.

The scheme represents the relation of Al Nasr and Sedh Al Masrh
with the city:

    parks are connected with the city centre via a longitudinal park extension and the system of pedestrian streets, placed capillary through existing quarters;
    the system allows development of streets with an urban character and an unique zone of integrated urban landscape;
    it facilitates the pedestrian connection with the historical part of the city (for tourists and local population).

Moreover, the concepts for the parks are based on the reinterpretation
of some key aspects of Libya: the potent interaction between the Sahara
and the Mediterranean, the longest Mediterranean coastline of all African countries, the opportunity of moving from boat to the Sahara within
few hours.

Al Nasr | The largest carpet of Libya

Sedh al Masrh | Oasis in the city

Tajura | First stop for Sahara

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