Part of Architectural Association research cluster
with: Massimo Bartolini, Dario Paolo Benedetti, Riccardo Rossi
photo courtesy : Valerie Bennett


Everything has a sound,’ says Ino Moxo, the magician from the Amazon. ‘Tuning up with the cosmic vibration,’ suggests the induist. Here both are anticipating hundreds of years of what Planck specified at the beginning of the last century.
Sound and vibration are among the phenomena that belong to an
entropic condition. The difference between these two phenomena is produced during the exercise of energy. There is a slight friction, leading to a transformation of modes, then a moment of rest.

How can one define a field where the entropic dérive of the universe is controlled, produced and made visible by simple human presence?
Here this question is addressed through a pure field defined by one large circular antenna.

The antenna is simultaneously the perimeter and the centre of the geometry of influence, with sensors that register human alterations and inference in the space. The interferences between the movement of the individual and the imperceptible electric life of an unanimated object are transformed into energy that can be heard even by those who do not infer upon the nature of the field. As in every exchange, it is not obvious that there is a final even balance between object, sound and inference. In this way, a large amount of effort to produce interference may only produce a small increment of sensibility. Occasionally, however, it happens in the opposite way: an infinitesimal part of the whole materialises the totality.