with: Ambra Fabi
costs estimation consultant: Andrej Mikuz
collaborators: Federico Segat

A dense pine forest, both monumental and intimate, and a welcoming building, where people meet and listen to the music. That's all. It's possible to reach the auditorium by foot, by public transport, or leaving the car at a proper distance in the open air parking. The discreet volume of the auditorium can be seen through the pine forest: its outer walls covered with aluminium panels return a faded image of pine trees. The building is developed on one level, and divided in three sections of the same surface. Two low introverted volumes host respectively the spaces for the reception of the public ant the ones for the performers, together with technical facilities. The rituals that come before the show and the phases of approach by the public and artists take place at the same time in these two parts of the building.

The auditorium is just a stretch of pine forest between these two functional boxes, surmounted by a third volume, a double height box open in its lower part, which acts as an "acoustic cover" to the audience. The acoustic performance of the room is optimised thanks to the high mass of the walls, and also to the dynamic modulation of sound through reflective panels and ceiling diffusers. Under the large roof the landscape of pine trees crosses the building, providing the public with a complex visual and emotional experience, no limited just to the space of the audience-room, but expanded to the external landscape which opens beyond the stage.

Ground and Top floors:

Facade + section:

Facade + section:

The proximity of superficial ground water does not recommend an expensive underground parking, suggesting instead the use of geothermal systems to increase the energy efficiency of the building. The auditorium and the shaded square complete the strip of commercial and public buildings in the district: the building fits into pine trees in a respectful way, leaning lightly on the ground of a luxuriant forest.

main hall 700 m / 2 stage 150 m / 3 practice room 100 m /
atrium 100 m / 5 wardrobe 50 m / 6 tickets 30 m / 7 foyer 300 m /
cafeteria 80 m / 9 toilets 30 m / 10 large dressing room 60 m /
11 small dressing room 40 m / 12 office 80 m / 13 services 20 m /
technical facilities 100 m / 15 deposits 150 m /
loading and unloading area 100 m