Photos: Giorgio De Vecchi

The stand for Fabbian Illuminazione at the Light+Building fair in Frankfurt occupies 96 square meters. Fabbian expressed the will to display two new products and four of their best renewed lamps. A large volume, 8x8 meters in plan, suspended 2.3 meters from the ground, houses all the products. The lamps, some hanging, some mounted, are arranged at a standard height, as if they were properly installed in a domestic landscape, providing the visitors an effective experience of their qualities. As a result, all the lamps contained in the volume form a larger suspended illuminating object.

The surface of the stand is completely open and accessible from the aisles of the fair, providing at the same time great permeability and maximizing the space both for discussion and relax.

An illuminated glass curtain, made by modules of one of the Fabbian best known products, provides the background to a simple counter. This counter contains all the products disassembled in their basic elements, allowing the visitors to get immediate visual informations about technical and operative issues.