Salottobuono was born in 2005 as a collector of research experiences and design production. It investigates the urban space, codifying cognitive devices and triggering transformation strategies. Topics, challenges and programs are occasions for diagrammatic analyses and elaboration of paradoxical visions. Critical nodes, discontinuities and weak points are exasperated through the formulation of visionary objects and performative practicies based on non-authorial concepts and minimal rationality. Salottobuono is grounded in intellectual exchange and relational attitude built around a stable work group. Its experience develops through the participation in competitions, workshops, publications and specific assignments.


Ludovico Centis |(1980)

Marco Ferrari |(1981)

Matteo Ghidoni |(1972)

Fabio Gigone |(1978)

Michele Marchetti (1980)

Giovanni Piovene (1981)


Andrea Angeli, Martina Barcelloni, Claudio Bertelli, Annapaola Busnardo, Chiara Carpenter , Valentino Chiarparin, Angela Gigliotti, Caterina Gerolimetto, Anna Giusto, Malte Kosensky, Dragana Kostic, Karl Maisinger, Barbara Modolo, Giuseppe Passuello, Filippo Piovene, Claire Price, Francesca Professione, Luca Racchini, Giorgio Renzi, Chiara Riboni, Paolo Ruaro, Nicola Russo, Pietro Salamone, Marco Scapin, Federico Segat, Ciara Seymour, Seoyoung Shin, Alberto Sinigaglia, Elena Stellin, Luisa Stevan, Federica Trevisan, Jean-Benoit Vetillard, Andrea Zausa, Francesco Zorzi.