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December 11th 2008 [FRESH DROPS]

Salottobuono has been invited to give a lecture in the frame of Fresh drops – gocce di giovane architettura italiana, a series of talks with some of the youngest architectural firms today active in Italy.
You can read the complete calendar of the event on this PDF.

Fresh drops is an idea by M.I.M.O. Lab.

December 11th, 2008 – h 5:00 p.m.
Aula III B, Campus Leonardo – Politecnico di Milano, via Ampére 2


November 17th 2008 [PALLADIO GYMNASTICS]

Salottobuono will present its re-interpretation of "Quattro libri dell'Architettura" by Andrea Palladio at Politecnico in Milan – Contemporary Architectural Theory and Practice studio (staff: Lorenzo Laura, Maria Chiara Pastore, Francesca Pellicciari, Vittorio Pizzigoni, Pier Paolo Tamburelli).

November 17th, 2008 – h 9:15 a.m.
Aula B 3-4, Edificio Nave – Politecnico, Via Bonardi 9, Milano



Scenarios for the transformation of Israeli settlements.
Decolonizing Architecture opened today at the Palais des Beaux-Arts in Bruxelles. The exhibition displays a series of architectural proposals to open an 'arena of speculation' about possible futures for Palestine. It focuses on two case studies: the Israeli settlement of P'sagot – a hill near Ramallah –, and the abandoned military camp of Oush Grab, near Bethlehem.

Salottobuono designed several 'strategies of subversion' for Israeli
residential settlements in the West Bank and included them in a
"Manual of Decolonization": a generic toolbox for post-occupation scenarios.The manual determines to what extent the evacuated structures
are flexible to accomodate new uses, and displays the various ways in which
they can be adapted or transformed, on a detailed architectural scale.

This is the first comprehensive exhibition of this project, a work in progress with many organisations and Palestinian people involved.

Decolonizing Architecture
A project by Sandi Hilal, Alessandro Petti and Eyal Weizman
Guest Curator: Lieven De Cauter
Exhibition coordinators: Iwan Strauven and Marie-Cécile Guyaux

October 31st, 2008 – January 4th, 2009
BOZAR, Palais des Beaux-Arts, Bruxelles
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October 29th 2008 [BIENNALE / CATALOGUE]

L'Italia cerca casa.
Salottobuono's work on Sant'Elia housing complex in Cagliari, exhibited
at the 11th Biennale Architecture in Venice, has been published inside
the Catalogue of the Italian Pavilion.
The other projects documented in the catalogue are by Studio Albori, Baukuh, Andrea Branzi – Politecnico di Milano, Cliostraat, Mario Cucinella Architects, Luca Emanueli, IaN+, Marco Navarra_NOWA, Italo Rota, Beniamino Servino and Stalker/Osservatorio Nomade.

The catalogue will be presented today in Rome, at the Ara Pacis Museum Auditorium, Lungotevere in Augusta.

L'Italia cerca casa / Housing Italy (Electa, Milano 2008)
edited by F. Garofalo
Price: € 35,00
Format: 21 x 27 cm
Features: 200 pages, full colour, paperback


October 2008 [MILAN EXQUISE]

Salottobuono led “Milan Exquise” at NABA – Arts and Design Academy
in Milano. During one week, the workshop with the students introduced
and generated a debate on the main “ingredients” of the 2015 World Expo: Food and Milano. The deep and complex interrelation between these
two elements have been investigated focusing on specific case studies, dissected and ri-elaborated through a set of techniques.

One of the desirable outputs of the workshop will be to establish a network,
a platform of discussion and reflection on the key issue of the 2015 Expo, “Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life”.


September 2008 [DATA FLOW]

Visualising Information in Graphic Design.
Salottobuono's "Instructions and Manuals" will appear in the brand new book Data Flow. Visualising Information in Graphic Design, just released from
Die Gestalten Verlag.
Here's a little abstract from the publisher: "The application of diagrams extends beyond its classical field of use today. Data Flow charts this development, introduces the expansive scope of innovatively designed diagrams and presents an abundant range of possibilities in visualising data and information. These range from chart-like diagrams such as bar, plot, line diagrams and spider charts, graph-based diagrams including line, matrix, process flow, and molecular diagrams to extremely complex three-dimensional diagrams. Data Flow is an up-to-date survey providing cutting-edge aesthetics and inspirational solutions for designers, and at the same time unlocks a new field of visual codes".

The book, already available all over Europe, will be released in Asia too at the end of this month, and in America in mid October.

Data Flow – Visualising Information in Graphic Design
edited by R. Klanten, N. Bourquin, S. Ehmann, F. van Heerden
Price: € 49,90 / $ 78,00 / £ 40,00
Format: 24 x 30 cm
Features: 256 pages, full colour, hardcover

You can see a preview and buy it here.


September 12nd 2008 [UR-PARTY]


Autumn 2008 [DECOLONIZING]

Photo courtesy: Barbara Modolo

Salottobuono is currently taking part in Decolonizing Architecture, a research undertaken as a partnership between Sandi Hilal and Alessandro Petti Architects in Bethlehem and Eyal Weizman Architecture in London.

The growing project will be shown in Gemak (Den Haag) in the frame of
No Man's Land?
exhibition from 6th September to 31st October, and inside the Venice Biennale of Architecture, Padiglione Italia, from 10th September to 23rd November. The final set will be shown at the Bozar (Bruxelles)
from 31st October to 4th January.

The research deals with a fundamental question: how Israeli colonies
and military bases could be reused, recycled or re-inhabited at the moment
they are unplugged from the military/political power.
Salottobuono is designing a "Decolonization Manual" – a generic toolbox, designed for professional planners as well as private users.

September 11st, 2008 [BIENNALE]

Housing Italy.
Salottobuono has been invited to take part in the 11th Biennale Architecture,
in the frame of the section "HOUSING ITALY – 12 Projects for Inhabiting and Re-inhabiting the City", which has Francesco Garofalo as its curator.
A Home for Each – 12 Projects will present exemplary designs, such as
those for the reorganisation of social housing estates, proposals for residential conversion of industrial areas and for settling specific foreign communities immigrating to Italy.

11th Biennale Architecture / September 14th – November 23rd 2008
Italian Pavilion – Prima Tesa delle Vergini, Arsenale, Venezia

Download the invite for the inauguration / September 11th, h 17:00

June 05th, 2008 [LANDSCAPES OF DESIRE]

Salottobuono has been invited to give a lecture about its last works and research projects inside "Landscapes of Desire" lecture's program 2008.
The series of public talks examines contemporary art strategies in the
urban context, and are organized by Valentina Ferrarese and Viola Thiele (Kunst im Kontext, UdK).
The lecture will take place tomorrow inside the spaces of the Universität
der Künste, in Berlin.

"Landscape of Desire" / June 05th 2008 / h 18:30
Hardenbergstraße 33, Raum 4 – UdK, Berlin

June 04th, 2008 [ABITARE / COVER]

Salottobuono designed the cover of the June issue of Abitare magazine.

May 28th, 2008 [FESTARCH]

Salottobuono at Festarch 2008.
The second edition of the international festival of architecture takes place in Cagliari from May 29th to June 1st 2008. Four days of meetings, discussions and events will put together architects, designers, authors, philosophers, politicians and journalists.
Salottobuono will discuss about the presence of architecture in global
media with Luigi Prestinenza Puglisi, Stefano Bucci, Enrico Arosio
and Carlo Antonelli.

"Media & Architecture" / May 30th 2008 / h 17:30
ex Manifattura Tabacchi – Sala 3, Viale Regina Margherita 33, Cagliari

May 23rd, 2008 [TORINO GEODESIGN]

Torino Geodesign al Palafuksas

Mobilizing the collective intelligence. 48 projects for Turin.
Salottobuono has developed and realised the visual design for the catalogue and the exhibition of "Torino Geodesign".

Geodesign, a project by Turin World Design Capital 2008, is a wide experiment originated from the collaboration between international designers, companies and communities from Turin.
The 48 Turin Geodesign Laboratories acted as multipliers of exchange opportunities, collaboration, and condivision of projects and risks between individuals that present different activities, traditions and backgrounds.
A collaboration that during a year of meetings and workshops transformed non-standard desires and needs into 48 design objects that – in the
exhibition – are classified by typology: interventions in public space,
tools for personale use, communication projects.

May 24th – June 13rd, 2008
Opening on Friday, May 23rd from 19
Palafuksas, Piazza della Repubblica 25, Torino

May 3rd, 2008 [ABITARE CHINA]

Abitare China

Since April 18th Abitare China is distributed in the main cities of the People's Republic of China. "Instructions and manuals", properly translated, travels eastward.

Moreover, some of the diagrams are online in the "Instructions and manuals" section of our website, starting from now.

April 19th, 2008 [ABITARE TALKS]

Salottobuono at Abitare talks

Salottobuono takes part in Abitare Talks #4.
Salottobuono will present "Instructions and Manuals" during "ApertoAbitare", the special, open to the public, meeting of the editorial staff of Abitare magazine during the last days of the Salone del Mobile in Milan.
The event will take place inside Abitare Ring Dome, Galleria Vittorio Emanuele, Milan, from 11:45 to 14:00. Moderator: Maria Giulia Zunino.

Click here to download the invitation.

March 12nd, 2008 [BOSCO VERTICALE]

Bosco Verticale

BOSCO VERTICALE at Progetti & Paesaggi – Saiespring.
Project by Boeri Studio / Installation design by Salottobuono.

Bosco Verticale is a project for metropolitan reforestation that aids in the regeneration of the urban environment and its bio-diversity without the implication of expanding the city upon the territory. Bosco Verticale is a new model of vertical densification of nature within the city.
Progetti & Paesaggi 2008 is the first edition of the exhibition of products, materials and services for the in-outdoor.

March 13rd to 15th, 2008
Vernissage on Wednesday, March 12nd from 18:00 – 21:30
Bologna Exhibition Centre, Ovest Costituzione Entrance.

February 9th, 2008 [SCHENGEN]

EU Barcode - OMA/AMO, 2006

SCHENGEN exhibition at Galerie Feinkost, Berlin.
With work by Matei Bejenaru, Alexey Chebykin, Matteo Ghidoni (Salottobuono), Pablo Helguera, IRWIN/NSK.STATE.COM, Ciprian Muresan, OMA/AMO, Hito Steyerl, REP Group.

OMA/AMO’s proposed barcode flag for the European Union captures exactly how disconnected the components of this expanding unionization project are from becoming a whole. Schengen, the name of a small town in Luxembourg, has become the buzzword referring to the systematic breakdown of physical and virtual borders dividing countries in Europe. The Schengen Agreements ask for the establishment of information sharing networks, the harmonizing of policies ranging from immigration to transparencies of markets, and are ultimately the final step for becoming the non-entity status of “European.” Considering the voracious pace at which the EU is bringing members into its club, the commonalities that push would-be and non-members on a quest for “normalization” adds a new dimension from which artists and citizens cull fascination in analyzing their own nationhood in flux. This grouping of artists, architects, and theoreticians gives a composite sketch of Schengen that promotes Europe through re-envisioning borders, disappearing locality, the creation of national palimpsests and informal markets, inspiring alternative modes of entry, exile and escape; and overall, helping make identities more flexible.

February 10th to April 13rd, 2008
Vernissage on Saturday, February 9th from 19:00 – 21:00

January 1st, 2008 [Have a nice new year]

Abitare cover


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